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Divergent book help please?

Think metaphorically. Suppose you went through Beatrice's trash, what would you find? Provide logical explanations of what you would find and why it would be there. Avoid typical items that you would find in the garbage. When responding think of things that your character would want to throw away or that is "representative" of their... show more

Arts & Humanities Books & Authors

US History Help?

Explain why whether an English settlement died, survived, and flourished depended on the settlers, their quality of planning, the environment, government policies, and luck. (Show how this was true by contrasting the Roanoke and Jamestown settlements; or Massachusetts Bay Colony and the proprietary colonies, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia.)

Arts & Humanities History

Need Help About Vietnam Detente (Cold War)!?

Word Bank Support our troops Ho Chi Minh the United States United Nations Security Council Hungary Cuban Missile Crisis Iron Curtain blockade naval blockade Berlin Wall was built Poland military advisers stop defectors to the West U-2 Richard Nixon Television 1. For eight years, Vietnam was a colonial battleground -- as France fought... show more

Arts & Humanities History

Madness?? POEM?

"who cowered in unshaven rooms in underwear, burning their money listening to the Terror through the wall.” How does this show madness ^^? I was thinking that the fact that they are preforming irrational actions emphasizes this madness. What do you think?

Arts & Humanities Poetry

Salon question?

I am interested in going to a salon for a makeover (hair, nails, makeup). I am a crossdresser and I would love to go in male and come female. Either walk in dressed as Amanda or maybe change there. Not sure if a salon would allow this or the workers would feel uncomfortable about it. I dont want to make anyone uncomfortable, either the workers or... show more

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Quotations from macbeth?

I have to do an analysis essay on how Macbeth and lady Macbeths relationship is presented as a fight for dominance, we have to do four paragraphs and ive only done 1 full paragraph, i need good quotations that i can analyse for historical context, language devices, form and structure,shakespeares intentions and jacobean audiences reaction as many of... show more

Arts & Humanities Theater & Acting

Feeling like life has no point?

I've been trying to find people who feel the same as me online, all I have found is people who think I'm very sad or depressed and suicidal for going through a sad experience, which I'm not. I've also come across a concept called nihilism, which is closer but not quite what I'm feeling. I don't hate life, I don't... show more

Arts & Humanities Philosophy

Royal Mail Delivery?

So I sold a phone on ebay and sent by recorded delivery. Only problem is I have lost the receipt so I don t know the tracking code. Is there any way to get the tracking code? At first I thought it was the customer lying, but I now remember that when I took it to the post office the idiot who was at the counter serving me stuck the signed for ... show more

Business & Finance Corporations


Hi! So I just started photography AS and Im finding using a Film Camera a bit confusing. I have a more 'modern' type of film camera (Nikon F65) and I really need some help. firstly about the LIGHT METER. When I set my camera onto automatic, my light meter dissapears! does this mean its going to take good photos (on neutral) automatically?... show more

Arts & Humanities Photography

Scar Cream?

1. Which cream is better, scar repairex or bio oil 2. . how long does it take to see the results 3. which do you prefer any other creams? Thank You

Beauty & Style Makeup

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